What is heartburn ?

Heartburn symptoms

Underrated Heartburn is basically a certainly type of burning that you feel in your chest, which is mostly caused by your stomach’s acid backing up onto esophagus, which is commonly referred to as a food pipe. This burning mostly occurs in central and upper part of your chest, and it can certainly be extremely uncomfortable for you, your body and your overall health. It occurs exactly behind your sternum, which is a breast bone of yours. Burning can certainly become worse, and it can be brought up by either lying on the right side or simply lying flat. Pregnant women can also experience heartburn at many occasions, and will a very aggravating type of heartburn on their chest.

Heartburn is also extremely linked to specific beverages and food which are ingested into your system. In order to prevent frequent heartburn from your life, you most certainly need to fully rearrange and change your lifestyle choices, get a better diet plan and start living more healthy. Symptoms will eventually come of once you follow those steps.

Main heartburn symptoms

heartburn symptomsThere are certainly numerous heartburn symptoms which can happen to you and your body. The main and by far the most common heartburn symptom is in fact feeling of a burning sensation on your chest. That feeling can also be commonly accompanied by a rather sour taste on the back of your throat, or it can appear to you as a certain, uncomfortable feeling of certain food being fully stuck in your throat. It is a very uncomfortable feeling, so it can be extremely important for your to start living more healthy, which will most probably decrease your regular basis of heartburn feelings

If your symptoms of heartburn are sometimes accompanies with arms or neck radiation, cold sweat, dizziness and breath shortness, then that person absolutely has to be fully evaluated by a professional health care experts as fast as possible.

Heartburn is commonly caused by an acid reflux once stomach acid fully splashes from person’s stomach all up to their esophagus. Then heartburn trigger can fully differ by every person, but majority of people have some of these following symptoms. These symptoms are mostly a certain burning feeling that occurs in your chest after you eat something, and it can last even for few hours. Other symptoms are chest pain, which you will mostly feel after eating, lying down and bending over something. Burning in throat can also be a very commonly symptom of heartburn, as well as difficult swallowing, feeling that the food you ate has stuck in your throat or chest and heartburn can also cause you a sore throat, chronic hoarseness and chronic cough.

If you feel most of these symptoms, then you should absolutely go to your doctor to make a fully diagnosis of your symptoms. You doctor will most certainly perform various special tests in order to determine severity of this problem of yours. Also, your doctor will most probably have to fully monitor your whole treatment process.

Heartburn remedies

heartburn remediesMillions of people suffer from heartburn and if you are somebody who suffers from it regularly then the chances are that you spending lots of money on medications in an attempt to cure it. Heartburn remedies do not have to be expensive, there are some things that you can try that might work even better than what you would buy in a pharmacy. These are everyday items that you likely already have to hand and if you don’t they are still very cheap.

Heartburn remedies

1. Bananas – These yellow fruits are a natural antacid, so try and make them a regular part of your diet in an attempt to counteract the heartburn.

2. Apple cider vinegar – Some people have had success with apple cider vinegar helping with their heartburn, if you can’t stomach the stuff don’t worry it also comes in capsule form and can be bought in most health stores.

3. Ginger – The health benefits of ginger are often underestimated, it can actually help with heartburn and nausea amongst other minor health conditions. You can add ginger to meals to see if it helps with your heartburn or you could even try ginger tea which is quite delicious.

4. Aloe vera juice – Aloe vera has so many benefits on the whole and it’s juice has been used throughout the years as a natural remedy for heartburn. You should be able to get aloe vera juice in most health stores but just be sure to check the labels that it is OK for internal use.

5. Chewing gum – Studies have shown that chewing gum can help with easing the symptoms of heartburn. You should chew the sugar free gum for approximately 30 minutes straight after a meal. This results in some acid getting washed away to the build up in saliva in the mouth, therefore lessening the acid reflux.

6. Baking soda – It is known that people for generations have been using baking soda to help with their heartburn and it looks like this is one old wives tale that actually works. You should mix 1 teaspoon of the stuff with water and drink it, this helps to normalize the stomach acid. Although this tastes like no strawberry milkshake, it usually brings good results which is what you are looking for.

7. Potatoes – Potatoes are known to neutralize the acid in your stomach but I’m afraid this isn’t an excuse to load up on carbs, there is a way you have to consume your potato. Juice one raw potato and mix with an equal amount of water, drink it up not forgetting to stir first. This is the best way to get the most of the potato making it more likely to fight against your heartburn.


Although these home heartburn remedies might not fully cure your heartburn, they should help to ease the discomfort that it causes on a whole. Experiment with a few of them to see what ones work for you. In addition to these methods, you should try and figure out what foods TRIGGER your heartburn and stop eating them all together.